Thursday, July 7, 2011

Detox, day 2

I survived day one with minimal grumbling and only one small cheat. I went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and had ONE chip with salsa. Since chips and salsa are pretty much my most favorite snack ever, I felt pretty ok about it.

Here's to day two!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

17 day detox

I've been waffling back and forth between the merits of following the low starch diet. On the one hand, it's supposed to help relieve my symptoms. On the other hand, it's very restrictive, and kind of a pain in the butt to follow in real life. However, due to a recent change in my insurance and a rather large deductible that I haven't met yet, I can no longer afford my Humira injections. Therefore, I've decided to give low starch another go, in the hopes that it will help me manage symptoms until I can get injections again.

My friend Kristi and I have decided to do the 17 day diet. (Disclaimer: I'm not officially endorsing this as a dietitian, I just think it'll be helpful for me.) It's a meal plan with three phases, and very similar to the low starch diet I had been (somewhat) following. In phase one we are eating tons of veggies, some fruits, and lean protein. We are also not drinking alcohol or consuming sugar. I think it'll be a much needed kick-start to get me back on track with low starch.

I did notice that when I was following the low starch diet and cooking more meals from scratch, I felt better. I had more energy and vitality, and it also helped me maintain my weight loss. It didn't necessarily relieve any back or joint pain per se, but I know others have found great relief from AS symptoms when living the low starch lifestyle. Since dabbling with eating a more "normal" diet, I've felt more lethargic and squishy. My back and hips have also been hurting lately, and I'm thinking it's a combo of gaining ten-ish pounds and not being on the Humira. So, here I go again! (and I've made up my mind, I aint wasting no more time... yeah I pretty much love 80's music...)

I've attempted starting the 17 day diet three times, and every time I felt pissed that I had to restrict myself. It's like my body knew I was going on a diet, and I felt angry that I couldn't be normal (even though the typical American diet is far from what should be considered a healthy norm). A new friend has helped me gain perspective on taking better care of myself, through avoiding foods that "don't nourish [me] in a positive way." What a beautiful idea, and a much needed change in my perspective. So, here's to living a more nourishing life.

Be well, friends! And wish me luck! :)

ps- just cuz I like pictures, here's a recent one of me at the Grand Canyon :)