Saturday, July 31, 2010

no starch diet staples

I grew up always having at least one dog around the house. Living on my own in the city I haven't been able to afford having a dog of my own. Therefore, I'm stoked to be dog sitting this weekend for a friend. I'm hanging out with a super cute one and a half year old German Shepherd puppy named Malu.

Before heading over to my friend's house I stopped by the local PCC for some staples. While I do like to make most of my foods from scratch these days, I have found a few pre-made/packaged items I really like. I hope these products will be helpful for any of you attempting a no starch diet. I'm adding pics so you'll know what to look for on the shelves (and because I like to photograph my food - it's fun).

-Applegate Farms herb turkey breast
-Hempler's natural uncured sundried tomato chicken sausage

-The Ojai cooks Latin Lemonnaise
-Organic Valley heavy cream

-Westbrae Naturals unsweetened ketchup
-Bare Fruit granny smith apple chips

-Ghirardelli unsweetened 100% cacao
-Vosges Haut Chocolat Sugar Free Barcelona bar

-Zevia ginger root beer
-Zevia black cherry soda

-Talking Rain sparkling mineral water
-Republic of Tea Coconut Cocoa Tea

And of course, some whole food staples:
-Unsweetened coconut
-Raw almonds
-Fresh seasonal berries

From these staples I made a breakfast of raspberries topped with a drizzle of heavy cream, unsweetened coconut, and some chopped almonds. For lunch I had a chicken sausage dog topped with homemade ranch using Latin Lemonnaise and unsweetened ketchup, with some bare fruit chips on the side. I drank a zevia soda and had some sugar free chocolate for dessert.

Now the sunshine is out and there are sailboats on Lake Union so Malu and I are off for a walk! Happy grocery shopping!

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